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Welcome to the Cultural Power Metric (CPM) dashboard, which is an outcome of the 2017-2019 Australian Research Council Discovery Project (DP170102176): Digital China: From Cultural Presence to Innovative Nation. The primary aim of the CMP dashboard is to capture the circulation, timing and regional specificity of a range of social media and popular and trade press content that is shaping the representation of what can be called “Digital China”. This area features five analytical components from which the CPM is derived. Each of the five components aggregate and display “reputational” data based on amalgamated primary sources (e.g. company-generated data, user-generated comments/content) and secondary sources (trade and popular newspaper articles, academic journal articles) collected by the research team from Feb 2019 onwards. This site is currently a work in progress.

Valuable infrastructure and programming support was provided by SMART Infrastructure Facility at the University of Wollongong, Australia.

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